Perry Bryant, Athletic Director.

A native of Texarkana, AR, Perry Bryant moved to Atlanta in 1998 after college to pursue in interest in professional baseball. An avid sports fan himself, Perry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his experiences as both a former player and current coach. He has volunteered his time and energy as a volunteer coach in Orlando, FL, Marietta, GA, and Little Rock, AR. Perry firmly believes in his role as mentor and coach. He stresses professionalism, accountability, and undying work ethic. When asked to find a single word to describe himself, Perry used the term “versatile.” It is this versatility that allows him to successfully relate to coaches, students, and other business professionals that he interacts with through his travels. Perry is currently employed as an IT consultant with one of the top 3 international consulting firms. Perry credits his determination and ability to handle adversity to his mother, who as a widowed mother of two, went back to earn her doctorate degree in Black Family Studies. Perry currently resides in Atlanta, GA, and is a member of Destiny Metropolitan Church but frequently splits his time between Little Rock, AR.

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