1.  Is this a Recruiting camp?




In preparation for this year's camp, we have communicated extensively with the compliance offices of the National College Athletic Association (NCAA); they have assured us that the coaches participation in our camp is in compliance.


Please refer to (NCAA Division I Manual, / Exception).



   2. Is this an overnight camp?


FSI will host an overnight camp for both SENIOR and JUNIOR divisions (excludes Mighty Mites).

There is a price difference between overnight and day campers so please be sure to check during registration.  
However, the overnight camp will be available for Senior Campers (9th-12th grades) ONLY!


Stay tuned to our site and connect with us via Twitter and Facebook for this and many other announcements.


   3. Is this camp only for “Skilled Position” players?


No…every position is played at FSI (Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Tight End, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Line Backer, Defensive Back, Place Kickers, Punter and Long Snapper).



   4. Is this a contact camp?






   5. Will lunch be provided?


Yes…lunch will be catered for all campers. 


Dinner will be provided for the Senior and Junior Divisions (day/overnight). Provided by our official sponsor Chick-fil-A and FatBurger.